Trip to Kühtai


We started at 10 a.m. from Linz. We were pretty fast …until we arrived the 'Deutsches Eck' and our lovely neighbours joined us on the motorway. One snail after the other congested literally the street. First I was still relaxed but than I just wanted to throw myself out of the car. ;)


After approx. 4 hours we finally arrived in Innsbruck. I was looking for a gas station immediatly and there I scrafed down two espresso to manage the last few kilometers to Kühtai. Finally arrived I forgot all the exertions of the journey there. The sun was shining, a lot of powdersnow and the special atmosphere in the highest situated ski area in Austria was magical. I stopped at a village grange, drank a Jägertee and enjoyed the beautiful view.


My journey is going to continue tomorrow. So stay tuned and visit me soon again.


Lots of love




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