SMOG ALERT in Milano!

Dear Circus friends,

I have a crazy story for you yet again from our shooting in Milano.  Spontaniously Daniel decided to drive to Milano with his hair & make up stylist Claudia Kriechbaumer and his star  photographer Sarah Katharina, because we need a new shirt! In search for a new model we drove to Milano in the deep of winter…you have to notice we went by CAR!

More than 8 hours with this crazy guy together in one car is not easy! I wanted to go by plain but nobody listened to me!!! And after all we heard in the radio there is SMOG ALERT in Milano??? Did you ever hear something like this???

We weren’t allowed to go tot he city centre by car but Daniel didn’t care about that! He drove tot he city centre and I swear, we were the only car far and wide only taxis..and the circus crew.

After Daniel checked a studio für the shooting and a model in last-minute – her name is Nikita, a very pretty blonde woman – he started cooking some spaghetti for the shooting on the next day… you have to notice…it was 12 p.m. I think the circus director is absolutely crazy…. I really need my beauty rest you know :-p

In the end everything went fine and we took some photos from Nikita with a huge fork and the spaghetti. You can look forward to a really awesome new italian style shirt!!!



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