Shopping "Deluxe" at IKEA

After a fast breakfast at 8 a.m. in the morning I went by car to IKEA in Haid. I arrived there at approx 8.30 a.m. and there was already a lot going on!!! There were no free parking area… after about 30 minutes looking for a parking spot I decided to park at a ‚loading zone‘ parking lot in front of the entrance. After a lot of evil looks and headshaking I got from some pensioners, the fun finally began.

It didn’t even took 5 minutes in IKEA and I already got attacks of sweating and anxiety states because of the big crowd there. Summarily I decided to take myself to the toddlers group…but they refused me…whyever. As I finally struggled through the huge crowd of people to the shelves, and as I finally got recognized a vendor cared about me and my concern.


After I got advised in a very friendly way, I struggled through the crowd once again, I finally arrived the stockrooms and I bought everything what was left….altogether strage racks in the worth of 1300€ even at IKEA Man!

At the chckout I waited about 30 minutes and I obtained a lot of stunned glances…I think the people asked themselves what I wanted to do with all these shelves and baskets. After all I needed a little break and enjoyed some meatballs at the IKEA restaurant.

PS: the ‚loading zone‘ parking lots were all occupied….so anbody had to start :p

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