…during a pitch.. hmmmm or maybe during I behaved mischievously … I can’t remember exactly. Somebody bumped into me from behind and threw me on the floor and teared out my left arm! I was so suprised I didn’t even see how the person looked like. My boss and the other crew members were swimming and they did’t notice the attack. I called for help and the Lifeguard and some other people cared about me.


It’s been three weeks since the attack and my left arm is still missing. Since then I don’t even get some model jobs and nobody invited me to some events. On September 11th the big Simsis Circus cinemaspot starts and I have to go on tour…I hope my arm will appear until then.


Please help me to find my arm. Ask everyone who were also at the grand slam in Klagenfurt.


Thanks for your help!






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