Primetime! My first leading part in a commercial


The big event began at 6:30 p.m. at the Cineplexx Linz. My chauffeur and my bodyguards took me to the front entrance. The region was backed by my bodyguards and as the carpet got rolled out, I dismount and struggled mysels through the crowd. I not even dreamed about such a razzmatazz but I was so glad. I took a drink with my boss and then I tried to order some popcorn like a normal person but it wasn’t that easy because of the congestion. I was lucky to have my strong bodyguards who helped me.


We took some fotos with the fans and signed some autographs, then we went to HALL 1.


I was so nervous, I couldn’t wait to see myself on a cinema screen.


Shortly before the film ‚fack ju goethe 2’ it was happening. The 20 second spot was aired and got a lot of positive response. Some of them were even clapping. I was soooo happy.


Maybe it was my stepping stone to an international carreer in the show and filmbusinnes?


Greetings and kisses,


yours Annabelle


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