Our new Shirt Model Christina

For weeks of preparations and supercool shootings, finally our new austrianstyle shirts arrived. Among others, the Shirt from our #7 Christina from Lower Austria.

After a few phone calls I found out where I could suprise Christina with her new shirt the most. I decided spontanious to drive to Steyr, where Christina was working in a shop.

Arrived in Steyr I went through the oldtown until I arrived at the shop. I took a little peek through the shopwindow and there I saw the unaware Christina, she was adviseing a costumer.

I just waited a short time and then I entered the shop with a big HURRA! Christina was taken by complete suprise and was very glad to meet me again. Kiss left, kiss right and a big kiss onthe mouth. I was so excidet and I nearly forgot why I was actually there . ;-)

As I hand over her T-Shirt she was very happy, as you can see onthe picture.

After a short chat, I said goodbye and started on my way home.

Soon I’m going to visit our model #8 – don’t miss it!

Kisses yours Annabelle!

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