New 2:tages:bart shirt


The Beginning…


I met the boys of 2:tages:bart, named Carlos and Pascal, the first time in summer 2014 in Klagenfurt at the beach volleyball grand slam. I walked along the jetty and sudennly I heard how somebody wolf-whistled. I turned around (a little bit flattered) and they were already standing there, 2 handsome boys with cool shirts and casual glasses. They asked what my name is and I got a lot of compliments. Since then we are very good friends. After a few months I had the idea to design a special edition of a Simsis Circus shirt.


You can see the result on the foto. We were looking for two cuties and took a great picture.


Along these lines -> IT GOTTA ESCALATE


Greetings and kisses,


yours Annabelle


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