Behaveing mischievously in LIGI


....Sunday morning I woke up and I nearly was frozen to death. I looked out of the window and I just thought >> WHAT THE F*** >> such an awaful weather! I called my girls and decided to travel to Lignano/Italy. I packed my bags, collected my girls from their house and then we drove with about 200m/ph nontsop to Italy. We managed the route in 4 hours!!! As we arrived there it was like a dream, 26 degrees and sunshine. We checked in at our hotel and then we went immediatly to the beach. Yeaaaaah, good mood and good music and I think the whole population of Styria were there. I’m going to tell you more in the next entry.


How was your weekend? Have you also been to Ligi? Just leave a comment and tell me your experiences.


Lots of love,


yours Annabelle


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